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Commercial Services We Offer:

Daycare Cleaning Services
It is a constant battle to keep the environment the safest and cleanest it can be. With professional carpet cleaning and floor cleaning services, you can get a deep clean that lasts.

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Event Center Cleaning Services
Keeping your venue clean shouldn’t have to be an endless task. And acquiring professional services doesn’t have to be expensive. We're a professional carpet cleaning company with extensive experience in deep cleaning event center floors.

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Gym Cleaning Services
We work to clean and disinfect your gym floor, and our cleaning solution is designed to attack germs and dirt in a way that doesn't damage the surrounding equipment or the floor.

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Hospital Cleaning Services
From workers, patients, and visitors, the traffic in hospitals and nursing homes is a lot higher than many would imagine. Professional hospital floor cleaning and floor care can provide a safer and cleaner environment for everyone in the building.

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Hospitality Cleaning Services
Imagine a customer or guest coming to your event, hotel, or resort, and finding dirtiness. Stains, dirt, mold, and other unwanted problems can run off a customer at the speed of light.

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Office Cleaning Services
Over time, carpet can become damaged without proper cleaning. Dirt, mold, mildew, and allergens pile up and hide deep in the fibers and between tiles.

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Property Management Cleaning Services
When guests come to tour or move in, you need flooring that leaves the best impression possible. It's simple and easy to keep your managed property carpet in perfect condition.

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Church Carpet Cleaning Services
Your place of worship brings people together in your community, multiple times a week. The gathering place for your congregation can be cleaned safely by professionals at a price that works for you.

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Restaurant Cleaning Services
With food particles, dirt, mildew, allergens, and more getting tracked in with every customer, your floors will get dirty fast. Fighting the dirt and mess with a mop bucket and stiff bristles won't always do the trick.

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Retail Cleaning Services
Consistent cleaning disrupts dirt, mold, allergens, and more from taking hold in your floors. Without a bi-annual cleaning, your floor will erode, leaving permanent stains from the bottom of hundreds of customers' shoes.

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Retirement Home Cleaning Services
With perfected floors, you can attract more referrals from doctors and families. While you may not notice the floors you work on every day, new visitors do.

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University & School Cleaning Services
Germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens, and more collect in floors and grow while no one is looking. Carpeted areas provide a place for unwanted particles to hide.

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“John was very professional and he did a great job on my carpets!”
– M. Williams, 

“A-Plus Carpet Cleaning did an amazing job on my carpets. Mr. John Battle and his son were very professional and on time. I will recommend them to anyone for fast and great service.”
– D. Adams,

“John was honest and very professional. Did a fabulous job on my carpet, we will use him for life, Thanks for a job well done.”
– N. Stephens,

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